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Off-the-Shelf Designs That Save You Time

3D jewelry CAD design opens up limitless possibilities – especially when you are using Monarch. Simply put, Monarch is the fastest and most advanced jewelry CAD software on the market today.

Imagine you’re designing a new ring at your workbench. You might create a thousand size 7 rings of a similar look in your lifetime, and every one of them from scratch. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could start with the same basic look every time instead of rebuilding a similar piece over and over again?

That’s exactly what JCCM, LLC Libraries can do for you. Take an element and directly add it to your workspace. Customize it organically, by using precise dimensions, or a combination of both. Save your new element in the same library or create your own.

Here are some of the Libraries Monarch already offers:

  • Gem Libraries: A full array of gemstone types, sizes, and shapes that are fully customizable. Monarch also generates a full report of your gem specifications for your gem cutter for precise dimensions.
  • Shank Libraries: Dozens of different shanks that you can resize, reshape, or otherwise customize.
  • Fancy Pierce Work Libraries: Automatically include dozens of pierced patterns in your design. Simply place on your jewelry, and Monarch makes all the cuts for you!

All Library elements come with associativity, constraints, and their own History Trees.



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