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Alex Zamsky, Design Jewelry, Newton, MA

After 30 year experience as a custom designer and a model maker it was hard to imagine how I was able to work before. Monarch gives me creative freedom, and helps me to see the finished product. It definitely saves a lot of time, and it makes it a lot easier to go back and change something.
But I think that support is the number one most important thing because designing jewelry can be very complicated. The support is amazing!John is a great teacher and doesn’t give you a hard time when you are trying to learn something. I’m not sure I would have learned as much if it wasn’t for him.

Charles E Haznedl III C III Latitudes Indianapolis, IN

I hated computers. But I knew that using computers for jewelry design was the wave of the future, so I took a week of Rhino training just to try it for myself. It was extremely frustrating and in the end, I didn’t really learn anything. Two years later I tried again, but this time I used Monarch software. I’ll admit, it was still difficult for me. It was different this time though because of all the help I got from John and Michele. They helped me every step of the way and gave me the training I needed to actually learn the program. Initially, I was concerned that the program may have limitations that would make me have to change my style when designing on the computer, but I’m glad to report, that if I can design it, the program can make it. Now I can make anything I want on the computer. It is especially handy for making things that are balanced. I can just mirror image two halves or four quarters or whatever and get a perfectly balanced piece. It’s a lot easier than trying to carve by hand. I would recommend Monarch to any jeweler who wants to start designing by computer. John and Michele have a great program and great support. What else do you need?

Charly Ordenanz, Brillante Jewelers, Boynton Beach, FL

Monarch is easy, easy, easy. I tried Rhinoceros before and I just couldn’t understand it. I’m not very computer inclined, but I found that Monarch was easy to learn. A big part of that I think is the support I got from John, which was absolutely fabulous. If I ever ran into a problem, normally within half an hour we had it solved.
I was also really impressed with the results. The casting is very exact, so if I’m making a two-tone piece or something with hinges, the castings just click together. Everything is very easy to assemble.
If I had to start all over again, Monarch is the only software I’d choose.

Luis Rodriguez, Sebastian, Inc., Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

I first heard about Monarch from a friend of mine who uses it. My son said I'm 60 years old and I should forget about trying to learn computer design. But I told him that this is the future of jewelry, and whoever doesn't learn it will be left behind.   It hasn't been easy though. English is my second language, and I found it hard to understand sometimes what John was teaching in class. Then I would struggle with it on my own for a while. Finally I would email John and ask him a question. He emailed back right away and said "you should have called me before instead of wasting all that time!" and in 5 minutes he would show me what to do. It was like having a teacher right there beside you.
Monarch is worth every single penny, and is a very wise investment. I only wish I was 40 and getting this program.
John, both you are Michele are good, decent people. I wouldn't have gotten this far without your help. Thank you!

Michael Shnayder, Euro Design Jewelry Natick, MA

It’s a great program. I checked out some other programs like Matrix or 3D, and found that Monarch is much more advanced and has a more powerful engine. And with all the updates they put out, it’s getting better and better.
For the past 30 years, I’ve done everything by hand but after learning Monarch, I don’t want to go back to the bench. I want to do all my designing on the computer simply because it’s faster and easier. It’s unbelievable.

Ramiro Ortega, Finesse Jewelers, Brecksville, OH

I wanted to get into computer design because I thought it would be much faster and easier to design. I was right. A necklace that used to take me about a month to model now takes about 2 or 3 days to design using Monarch. Plus, you can show your customers what the piece will look like, and easily make changes to the design without having to create a whole new model.
But I think the most important part of Monarch for me is the fact that John is so willing to train people on how to use the software. He’s a jeweler, he’s a setter, and he knows the software. He understands the whole process, and it’s difficult to find a company that understands both the program and how to create jewelry. Overall, Monarch makes my life much easier.

Rhido Rivadeneira, Chicago, IL

You know, you talk to other people in this industry who are using other software, and everyone seems to be getting stuck on making changes. They tell you about having to rebuild the whole piece to fix one little thing.
That’s why I’m very happy with Monarch. If I design a ring a certain way and I need to change the stone size or the finger size, I don’t need to redesign the entire piece. I can make the change in a few seconds, and the program automatically updates the rest of the design. That’s one of the big differences between Monarch and other programs.
But I think the training and support you get with Monarch is the most important thing about the software. John is very patient and takes the time to make sure you know how to use it. Plus he allows you take the class for a full year. That alone says a lot for the program.
Without that support, I probably would have been afraid to use it and just left it because I wouldn’t even know where to go from there. Now I do almost all my jewelry design work on the computer. It’s just a lot easier now than designing by hand.

Tony Milad, Milad Atelier, BelAir, MD

Here’s an example of how Monarch has helped make designing easier for me. I used to use Matrix, and any time a client wanted to make changes I had to rebuild the whole piece with the changes. It was the same thing with my wholesale work. I could design a wedding band for example, but I would have to rebuild it for every single ring size.
But with Monarch, all I have to do is go into the History Tree and make the changes there, and the design updates automatically. It’s so much easier.
The other important difference is the training that John provides. There’s a lot of software on the market, but without the service it is worth nothing. I recently had a question and we went online together so John could show me what to do. Within minutes, he not only answered my question, he showed me how to do it. I don’t think you’ll find that kind of service with any other software package.
Monarch truly is a good investment.

If you are not using Monarch, it will take you longer to learn jewelry CAD design and longer to model.

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